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Consular Processing (OUTSIDE USA)

Immigration Pledge

Consular processing (CP) is an interview process which an applicant can take at a U.S consulate overseas. The CP is equivalent to I-485/Adjustment of Status process except the difference is that I-485 can be filed only if the applicant is physically present in USA. In order to apply for the consular processing, the applicant's I-140 must be approved and the visa number (priority date) should be current. The applicant can apply for CP if he/she is:

  1. Outside the United States; or
  2. Lives in the United States but prefer processing at a US consulate abroad for convenience.

Multiple Steps Involved in Consular Processing

There are several important steps from initial filing of various forms to intermediate approval, interview and subsequent filings, application approval/denial and refilling, and the follow-up, port of entry in the USA….. an experienced immigration attorney can surely help you as client, to get the desired results.

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