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The experienced US immigration lawyers at Garg & Associates, are committed to providing quality legal services to our diverse clientele in Orange County, surrounding Greater Los Angeles area, and across various states in the USA and overseas. We take pride in closely working with Clients, the corporate employers and employees, private businesses and investors, families, and individuals helping clients realize new job opportunities, reuniting families separated by borders, and legal permanent residents becoming the US Citizens, thus contributing to people living the American dream, practicing as follows:

Garg & Associates’ immigration practice areas include:

At Garg & Associates, your immigration consultation, and all the associated information on your case is privileged as attorney-client communication, thus strictly confidential.

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En Garg & Associates, PC, nuestra misiĂłn es la de ejecutar con ĂŠxito los casos legales a la satisfacciĂłn de nuestros Clientes, Business y Personal. Estamos comprometidos a proporcionar a nuestros clientes una representaciĂłn altamente experimentado y agresivo y personalizado que necesitan para lograr el ĂŠxito de sus casos relacionados con la inmigraciĂłn muy importantes.

Garg & Associates ofrecen consulta gratuita a travĂŠs del telĂŠfono o en lĂ­nea, para revisar su caso de inmigraciĂłn, discutir nuestro enfoque ejecuciĂłn y plana (fijo) honorarios de abogado y honorarios de USCIS antes del acuerdo contractual para retener abogado. Estamos atentos a sus necesidades y preocupaciones, y te tratan como a nuestros clientes con cortesĂ­a y atenciĂłn profesional. Nuestros abogados trabajarĂĄn estrechamente con usted asesoramiento, la elecciĂłn de las opciones correctas y perseguir su caso agresivamente por results Orange ĂŠxito Condado y Los Angeles Abogados de InmigraciĂłn.

En Garg & Associates, Escuchamos, Ley, y luchamos para que usted gane. Si usted o alguien que usted conoce estĂĄ en necesidad de servicios de derecho de familia, por favor no dude en llamar a Garg & Associates al 949-540-6704 o 1-800-242-2151 para una consulta hoy o utilice nuestro formulario de contacto.

Current Immigration Trends

  • Citizens of Syria: Syria has been re-designated for TPS benefits by the DHS ,and existing TPS has been extended from October 1st, 2013 thru March 31st, 2015.
  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) A senate bill was introduced by the so-called, “gang of eight” on April 17, 2013, in an attempt to re-structure and modernize the actual immigration system in the United States.
  • The senate bill, entitled, “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013”, proposes the following:
    • would confer permanent resident status to eleven million, or so, of undocumented residents in the United States who entered without inspection or has overstayed their legal status prior to December 31st, 2011. These residents would initially be given a classification known as “Registered Provisional Immigrant” (RPI), before being considered for permanent residency. Those who qualify, would need to pay a fine to the US government, pay back taxes, know English, remain employed, and pass a criminal background check.
    • with regard siblings of US Citizens, the 4A classification which hosts these cases, would be eliminated. Hence, those who qualify must act as soon as possible.
    • the bill would also convert the 2A family-based category visas seekers into immediate relatives, eliminating the visa caps per year in place right now under this category. Unlimited number of visas would be available under the 2A.
    • under the employment-based visas, the annual cap would double from 65,000 to 110,000, and even to 180,000. This would certainly benefit citizens from India who already represent one third of the total number of citizens benefiting from this type of visa. In addition, those college graduates in the fields of engineering, math, and science would have greater opportunities to remain in the United States if the amount of H1B visas is dramatically increased.
    • citizens of China and Asia would also benefit from such legislation since H1B visas are the most common visa used amongst these citizens.

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